Image Processing

A picture, they say, is a worth a thousand words. Like the human vision does, Computer science help to see, identify and process images like the human vision. This field is advancing in multiple ways offering multiple opportunities in new technologies.

Image processing is one of the focus areas for HTL, since the future belongs to this technology. HTL team has worked on image processing projects such as:

  • Defect detection
  • Pattern Matching
  • Image filtering
  • Logical and Arithmetic operation between images
  • Line Profile plots
  • Geometric transformation
  • Lighting and stylizing operation
  • Image Thresholding
  • Contrast manipulation
  • Transparency operation
  • Color corrections
  • Noise reduction

HTL has the capabilities of capturing live image using different libraries such as Matrox Imaging Library (MIL), FAST Vision Library (FVL).

Pattern Analysis Software: