Photo Lithography

Founded in 1984, Heidelberg Instruments is today a global leader in design, development and manufacturing of complex laser based maskless lithography systems. These systems are critical to fabrication of advanced photomasks and direct write solutions.

Product Overview

Maskless lithography has many applications. A traditional usage is fabrication of photomasks used in standard UV lithography applications. In addition, direct laser writing is a growing form of optical maskless lithography which offers flexibility, ease of use, and cost effectiveness in wafer processing when working with feature sizes of approximately 500 nm or greater.

Heidelberg Instruments MLA Maskless Aligners offer the flexibility, resolution and speed required for advanced UV lithography applications.

The µPG system is extremely economical and easy to use micro pattern generator for direct writing applications and low volume mask making. The capabilities and flexibility of the DWL systems make them the ultimate research tools for direct writing of demanding lithography applications and high-precision photomask fabrication.

The VPG small area systems and the VPG large area systems both feature the speed and accuracy required for large area photomask production. Due to the excellent performance, these systems take over new applications, which were traditionally produced by Mask Aligners or Steppers.

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